Environmental control systems

• Description: Nowadays, due to strict environmental laws for the gases and vapors emissions that are obtained as a products or by-products from an industrial process, it is necessary to capture this polluted gaseous streams and treat them prior to its release into the atmosphere.

Lapsolite from the time it was acquired by the company Hürner GmbH, obtained the technology for gas elimination containing inorganic compounds. From 2000 to date in conjunction with our business partner, the company TREMA GmbH (www.trema.de), which is one of the leading German companies in the world market in gaseous waste treatment, has ventured into the gaseous treatments of organic processes, particulate matter, odors and complexes. This is why Lapsolite currently offers for this sector the possibility for a small manufacturing or turnkey project taking into account the analysis of the process, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation, etc., of the equipment or the entire process to ensure the best treatment in accordance with the  Mexican, North American or European regulations (NOM's, EPA, TA-LUFT).

• Design ranges: Lapsolite offers analysis, feasibility, selection, design, construction, installation and operation of systems for environmental control of gaseous effluents, which involve:

     a. Gas emissions from analysis laboratories, such as qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis with flows according to the range hoods for extraction.

     b. Gas emissions coming anywhere from one storage tank to a battery of 15 to 20 storage tanks.

     c. Gases and vapors removal coming from the pickling process (treatment of ferrous elements with acids in tubs for stripping, galvanizing, etc.)

     d. Extraction and purification of gaseous streams with dioxin, furans, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), etc.

     e. Extraction and purification of gaseous streams with a high content of unpleasant smells coming from processing industries for meat, poultry and products derived from the sea.

     f. Treatment processes which may have concentrations of gases with particulate material, moderate and high temperatures, aggressive chemical mediums (corrosive) due to the presence of concentrations of acid, base coatings or organic material.

Important factors to consider in the design:

  • Flow
  • Temperature
  • Type of Contaminants
  • Concentrations

The materials used by Lapsolite for this equipment include, apart from our specialities which are reinforced plastics (FRP), thermoplastics (PEHD, PP, PE, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, E-CTFE and PFA), or a combination of these. Besides, we offer the equipment manufacturing in other materials such as steels, stainless steels, aluminium, titanium, titanium-Palladium, tantalum, hastelloy©, teflon, etc. to guarantee offered efficiencies in our projects.

• Applications: Industrial plants (metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, etc.).

• Benefits:

     a. Equipment with excellent chemical resistance.

     b. Low operation and maintenance cost.

     c. Neutralization of pollutants prior to their release into the atmosphere.