A group of young Mexican professionals founded LAPSOLITE, S.A. de C.V. in 1953 in Monterrey city. Its main activity was the manufacture of corrugated sheets, domes and skylights of reinforced plastic. Its focus was mainly on the construction industry.


In its second decade of activities, LAPSOLITE appeared increasingly as a manufacturer of products for the plastics industry offering tanks, reactors, piping, etc.


At the beginning of the 1970s, LAPSOLITE became partners with the German company HÜRNER GmbH. With this partnership, they achieved a significant transfer of technology. Thus, LAPSOLITE became a renowned manufacturer of equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, and food industry.


Growing environmental awareness in Mexico led LAPSOLITE to expand its activities to environmental control, becoming a leader in this technology.


During this decade the company ventured into different industrial sectors where the technology of reinforced plastic began to have a greater importance. In addition, it invested in enginery directed to telecommunications and electric cars.


At the beginning of this decade, Lapsolite made a strong investment in enginery for auto parts manufacturing for the national and international markets, increasing its activities by 100%.


Since this decade began, Lapsolite has managed to consolidate its position as a company recognized in the market, at national and international levels, in addition to having a greater presence and participation in the automotive market due to its excellent engineering, design, manufacture and quality of the equipment supplied, which has lasted for more than 30 years. Lapsolite customers have recommended the company and entrusted us with projects of greater scope. In this way, Lapsolite has gained experience in projects of large volume and thus has become an expert in innovation projects, making inroads to new sectors.

It is currently in the process of certification of its processes according to ISO standards.