Lapsolite, a Mexican company with German management, is the market leader in engineering and manufacture of industrial equipment to handle aggressive chemical compounds involved in all industrial sectors.

The company offers solutions with industrial plastics for different sectors of the market and has ample experience in the Mexican market over more than 60 years.

Lapsolite is committed to the technology of plastics and is at the forefront of innovation technology at the international level.

During the past 15 years, Lapsolite has additionally become an expert on special projects that include the design and manufacture of customized pieces, particularly auto parts and components, as well as the development and production on a large scale of specific products for the Government sector.

The company provides the design and operation of equipment and systems for:

  • Storage of chemical-corrosive products
  • Extraction and gas washing systems
  • Water cooling towers for industrial processes
  • Fans for dealing with and chemical-corrosive gases
  • Component-based resins and thermoplastics as alternatives to steel
  • Industrial and municipal water treatment systems
  • Tailor made products with raw materials as an alternative to harsh chemicals

Lapsolite differs in proven technical and operational capacity, and with its committed and professional staff offers its customers an integrated solution for each project. It has national and international alliances with leaders in their markets that share their experience and technology on projects they have in common.

Strong points of the company

  • Quality and commitment
  • Experience
  • Know how
  • Guarantee
  • Cutting-edge technology

Why work with Lapsolite?

  • Because it’s a company of experts in their fields, who know and understand the requirements of the client in order to design the proper equipment, verifying the technical and economic feasibility of its design, construction, installation and commissioning.
  • Because it’s a company with a large operational capacity and installed infrastructure, in order to attend to and provide products for transnational companies with a presence in Mexico and abroad, where we currently have and can offer:
    • Up to 7,000 m2 of production areas
    • A permanent staff of 150 and 250 temporary workers on call
    • 1,500,000 kg of materials with a resin or thermoplastic base transformed into products in 2015

Industries served

Lapsolite assists leading companies from different industrial sectors:

  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • Automotive and auto parts
  • Electroplating
  • Steel

What is the added value of Lapsolite?

In that Lapsolite knows the chemical, physical and mechanical processes for the transformation of raw materials into products, including the mechanical variables of different types of materials, the aspects of safety, ergonomics, anthropometry and has a vision of the global projects that arise in all productive and industrial sectors.  So that when the engineers of projects, maintenance, purchasing, directors and managers who are involved in the process from the first moment of communication, they understand the lingo of the industry and are able to detect and offer the most viable alternative technically and economically, our clients can see reflected at the end of the projects that have been implemented:

  • The fulfilment of key indicators of the projects
  • The advisability of avoiding the need for corrective maintenance and instead turning it into preventive
  • Avoid additional costs for maintenance and production shutdowns
  • Avoid the risk of insecurity
  • The construction, labour, and environmental compliance
  • Compliance with the indicators of CAPEX and OPEX

Lapsolite offers its customers in this situation the development of a solution tailored to each case, involving different equipment that we design and manufacture (tanks, reactors, pipes, cooling towers, extraction systems, fans, washing of gases, water treatment systems, etc.) to identify its use at the different stages of engineering, and its implementation in the processes.