Poltruid profiles

• Description: Elements of fiber glass reinforced with resin polyester or vinyl thermoset ester systems which have a greater resistance to corrosion and attacks from UV rays. They are manufactured by poltrusion systems, where there are more than 100 standard forms. That’s why they are the smart alternative to wood, steel and aluminum, because they have the advantage of being strong, lightweight, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and they are not affected by rot, mold or deformation, so they are ideal for harsh environments.

• Design ranges: Lapsolite offers the following alternatives designed for different environments and applications:

  • PPE type series 100: Multipurpose series manufactured from a resin type polyester with a UV inhibitor added, available in olive green.
  • PPE type series 110: Multipurpose series, manufactured from resin type polyester with a UV rays inhibitor added in addition to being fire retardant, available in grey.
  • PPE type series 120: Multipurpose series, manufactured from resin type vinyl ester with a UV inhibitor and fire retardant, available in beige.

• Applications: Architectural and agriculture solutions, cooling towers, military, mining, oil and gas, chemical plants, metalworking, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, water treatment plants.

• Benefits:

  1. Corrosion resistant.
  2. Low thermal and electrical conductivity.
  3. Non-magnetic.
  4. Light-weight.
  5. Strong mechanical resistance.
  6. Dimensional stability.
  7. Low maintenance.