For 5 years Lapsolite has been designing different products together with customers who demand a large number of plastic parts reinforced with fiberglass; an example is our octagonal booth. We have manufactured over 25,000 sets in a span of 5 years. In all our designs and products there is strict adherence to technical, productive and quality regulations, achieving the implementation of a process in the manufacturing line using a combination of manual molding and the implementation of a part of the of RTM light manufacturing process.

The booth features:

  • Treatment in order to be used outdoors
  • Capable of withstanding a weight of one ton on top with strong resistance to impact
  • Made with materials so it can be out in the open (it doesn’t oxidize or require painting)
  • Easy to install on site
  • Low installation costs
  • Requires minimal maintenance

Lapsolite offers conceptualizing our ideas to offer better alternatives given our experience.

If you are thinking of proposing something designed in the fields of:

  • Social assistance projects
  • Architectural projects
  • Marketing
  • Industrial safety

We are the best partner for your development.