Injection and gas extraction systems

1. Description: Ventilation means the replacement of an air portion, which is considered undesirable, with another that provides an improvement in purity, temperature, humidity, etc. The ventilation of machines or industrial processes allows you to control the heat and toxicity of the environment or the potential explosiveness of them, ensuring in most cases the health of operators that are in these work environments. Lapsolite puts at your disposal our Engineering Department to develop your industrial ventilation projects for overpressure ventilation, ventilation by depression, natural or mechanical ventilation, localized ventilation, control of pollutants, exhaust ventilation, and general industrial ventilation in addition to guaranteeing designs of their projects in accordance with the regulations applicable to the protection of personnel in order to prevent risks at work environmental health (NOM-024-SSA1-), maximum permissible levels of emission to the atmosphere (NOM-043-SEMARNAT-1993), safety and hygiene conditions at the workplace where are handled contaminants (NOM-010-STPS-1999), (STPS, article 82, 84 gaseous pollutants chemicals). Systems for air-conditioning, air and gas extraction systems, explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

2. Ranges of design: In order to determine the dimensions of an injection system and/or a system for gas extraction, flow determination, drop pressure, the definition of the extraction type or injection to be used, temperatures, determining presence of particles, etc. are basically required.

3. Applications: In industrial sectors such as the pharmaceutical, food, textile, chemical, automotive, foundry, metalworking, industrial warehouses, production processes, packaging, clean rooms, control of temperature and humidity, positive and negative pressure, laboratory test, etc.

4. Benefits:

     a. Elimination of pollutants.

     b. Reduction and dilution of smells.

     c. Comfort in work area.

     d. Determination of the best type of material to use to ensure lower investment.