Feasibility Analysis

• Description: The feasibility study of projects is an instrument that aids in guiding decision-making in the assessment of a project and corresponds to the final phase of the pre-operational stage or formulation within the cycle of the project. It is formulated based on information that has the least amount of uncertainty possible to measure the chances of success or failure of an investment project, relying on it to make the decision to proceed or not with its implementation.

• Design ranges: Lapsolite offers the preparation of feasibility studies for industrial projects to select the best technical and economic alternative for gas and water treatment, process automation and better alternatives for industrial processes.

• With the feasibility studies we offer:

  • Determination of the best technology alternative needed according to the type of project, by way of a study of the different existing options on the market, determining the size of equipment and an update of the facilities layout.
  • An estimate of the level of investment necessary as well as operating costs.

• Benefits:

     a. Low cost investment.

     b. Quick delivery time.

     c. Optimal selection of technology.

     d. Enforcement of regulations and laws.